Who We Are

Our History

We are a team of dedicated individuals who show support of our deployed troops through our care packages. We are comprised solely of volunteers. Members generally remain anonymous, preferring the focus remain on those we support. The majority of Can People work at Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD). However, membership is not limited to EMWD employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

We formed in direct response to the tragedies of September 11. The program began as an avenue to support deployed troops through care packages and letters of encouragement. The program continues in the same manner today.

We support our Marines and troops by shipping care packages, baked goods and letters of encouragement.

No, Can People efforts support 100% of all costs.

The majority of our initial support was packed in coffee cans, leading our Marines to give us the “Can People” moniker.

We support members of the 11th Marine Regiment in honor of a former artillery battery Commanding Officer from the Gulf War, LtCol Mark Stroman, USMC (RET).

No. In 2001, our first care package went to a Marine Corps artillery battery. The Battery Commanding Officer passed us on to the next battery to deploy. The “passing of the Can People” continues to our current battery.

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