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Who We've Supported

the can people have had the honor of supporting the following outstanding individuals:

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11th Marine Regiment:

Alpha Battery - Capt Brad Pennella
Alpha Battery - Capt Jeff Goodell
Alpha Battery - 1st Sgt Shawn lsaacson
Bravo Battery - Capt Joe Russo
Bravo Battery - Capt James Prudhommels, 1st Sgt Wynn
Bravo Battery - 1st Sgt Bernard Jackson
Bravo Battery( Det1 ) - 1st Sgt Marco Villaperez
Charlie Battery - Capt Joe Cross, 1st Sgt Leonard
Charlie Battery - Capt Matt Nation
Charlie Battery - Capt Rick Royse
Charlie Battery - 1st Sgt Joe Depoyster
Headquarters Battery - 1st Sgt Shawn Kellam
Command Element(2/11) - GySgt Christian Driotez
Denver( 2/11 Det 1 HQ) - GySgt Patricia Chapman
Fox Battery - 1st Sgt Mafnas
Golf Battery - 1stSgt Monssen
Kilo Battery (3 /11) - 1st Sgt Brian Davis
Kilo Battery 3/12) - 1st Sgt Fontaine
Kilo Battery 3/12) - 1st Sgt Mitchell Green
Raleigh( 2/11 Det 3 HQ) - SSgt Bonifacio Gonzales
Romeo Battery - 1st Sgt Pat Wilkinson
Romeo Battery - 1st Sgt Anthony Brown
Sierra Battery - Capt Brad Grosvenor
Tango Battery - Capt Todd Sermarini, 1st Sgt Casciotti, GySgt Rumsey
Tango Battery - Capt Jon Swope, 1stSgt Hightower
Tango Battery - Capt Russ Buttram, 1stSgt Hightower
Topeka( 2/11 Det 2 HQ) - MSgt William McCelland
1/11 Chaplain Tarr
1/11 HQ Btry,TAP, SSgt J.C. Scott
2/11 3d Bn TAP Sgt C Wauchope
2/11 CE, GySgt C. Perez
2/11 DET 1 HQ, GySgt P. Chapman
3/11 N Btry, 1st Sgt Valdivia (EMWD)
3/11 HQ Btry, Sgt Hanson
3/11 I Btry, 1st Sgt Glastetter
5/11 Btry S, 1st Sgt William Wells
5/11 TBTRY HQ. CPL Raymond A. Riebli
5/11 Btry S, Det 1, GySgt John Oberhuber
5/11 TBTRY HQ, LCPL Trevor Colbath
11th Mar CAG, GySgt Robert C Taylor

CLB-SHQ, Security Co.- SSgt Ryan Pieraccini
Infantry, through ll MEF Fwd Chaplain- Chaplain Lee Milliner
11th MEU CE – LtCol Warren Driggers
13th MEU CE – LtCol Rich Weede
Tanks, 29 Palms - 2ndLt Mark Braithwaite
Dam Security Unit-3- 1stSgt David Jobe
¾ India Co, 1st Plt- LCpl JP Blair
1/7 B Co, 2nd Plt- LCpi Adam Rodriguez
H&S Co, 1/11- PFC Brian Atkinson
CJTF-76 J3 Fires- Maj JJ Russo
HMLA-169 in memory of LCpl Matthew Jackson
9th Communication Btln- 1stSgt David Adams
Variety of Warriors through SgtMaj Larock Benford
1st Recon Bn A Co 1stPlt - Cpl B
FED/ECES, USAF, Lt. Col, Richard Haller
3/10 HQ Btry, SSgt Keith Fitzharris (TAP)
3/10 HQ Btry Fwd (TAP), Sgt J.Y. Chambers
3/12 L BTRY, 1st Sgt Casias
MCSC DET/TAP, Sgt Polanco
TAP HQ 9.1, MGySgt Whitley
TAP HQ 9.1, Sgt Magana
TGT PLT TAP 6-2, Cpl Jesse Bossee
TGT ACQ Plt TAP 4-2, Sgt Cory Crawford
TGT ACQ Plt TAP 5-2, Sgt Bryen Lincoln
TGT ACQ Plt TAP 6-2, Cpl Bossee
TGT ACQ Plt TAP 7-2, Sgt Nicholas Reuther
TGT ACQ PLT, SSgt R.J. Johnson
TGT ACQ Plt TAP 8-2, SSgt M.A. Trexler
TGT ACQ PLT, GySgt R. Elston
Johnny Millar US Army, A-Co. I-501
Truck Platoon, Cpl Daniel Wahl
2nd MEB (G3 FECC/TAP), GySgt Sexstone
82nd ABN DIV, Hubert Ross Draper
603rd ASB, Sgt Scott Reynolds
Navy, Marck J. Ramos
OutBackBoys HMH 363, Cpt Jesse Karr
BMTF, COL L.J. Holcomb
B-TRP, SPC Matthew McCarthy
ENG/R USS Ronald Reagan, Payton C. Wynn

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